I’m a biologist and the safari trip was top of my bucket list. Visiting the Mara changed my life – can’t say enough how amazing it was to be where humanity began and large animals roam free.

I checked with other companies but was impressed with Bright Maasai from the start because it is small and Maasai owned. Good communication, range of experiences and prices, and they let us customize a tour to Kisumu and Lake Victoria and then on to see the last bits of relic rainforest near Kakamega.

At our request, Dickson also arranged for us to visit a local elementary school, where we provided some basic scientific equipment for the students and then had a hoot chatting up some of the most adorable kids I’ve met in a while.

We had a group of 4 adults (and two expert guides at all times), which was perfect for the Land Cruiser. Vehicle had all the extras – pop up top for photographing, plugs for charging electronics, radios and safety equipment, hard windows for our city trips, and our guides knew how to drive that beast on and off the trails. Great guiding and animal spotting – our dude Dickson was so good he even spotted our lost iPhone in the middle of the Mara grass, while driving.

Pro-tip: Pay extra for the off road permit so you can drive right up to where the animals are. Your guide will get a hefty fine if you don’t have that permit – so don’t pressure your guide to follow the other vehicles driving off track. Just pay for the permit.

I most appreciated Brighte Maasai’s custom service, individual attention for our group and our preferences, comfortable accommodations (glamping in the Mara!), tasty food tailored to our various dietary restrictions (our group included a vegan, a gluten avoider, and a severe nut allergy).

Ask for it how you want it and just go- it will be the trip of a lifetime.


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